Celebrate Freedom

As the month of July begins we reflect on our country’s independence and give honor to those who have served and are presently serving in the various branches of the armed service. Thousands upon thousands have given their lives on battlefields at home and abroad to maintain the liberties we take so much for granted on a day to day basis.

There is another type of independence that I wish to reflect on this month; that

is, the freedom from sin. What a joy it is to know that our sins can be forgiven and totally removed from us because of Jesus’ sacrifice on an old rugged cross. This freedom came at great cost to our Savior and we have done nothing to deserve it. From the very day we gave ourselves to Jesus Christ we began to celebrate the ultimate independence. At that moment, we were set free from sin’s dominion. Death no longer had its hold on us. The spiritual chains fell away from our soul, and we walked away free. There were surely fireworks in Heaven that day.

The hymn of old says:

Once like a bird in prison I dwelt, no freedom from my sorrow I felt

But Jesus came and listened to me, glory to God, He set me free!

He set me free, yes, He set me free, He broke the bonds of prison for me

I’m glory bound my Jesus to see, glory to God, He set me free!

Goodbye to sin and the things that confound, naught of this world shall turn me around

Daily I’m working, I’m praying too, glory to God I’m going through!

As we pause to reflect on our independence as a citizen of the USA, we should also be grateful to Jesus Christ for setting us free from the bondage of sin.


I Can Do All Things through Christ

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” These words were uttered by Theodore Roosevelt who served as President of the United States of America from 1901-1909.

When a Christian allows human weaknesses to rule his or her actions, they may find themselves involved in activities they later regret. One must guard against yielding to temptation by exercising self-discipline.

I Timothy payday loan 3 and Titus 1 lay out the qualities of a payday loan self-disciplined person—temperate, prudent, respectable, not addicted payday loans to wine, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not pugnacious, uncontentious, gentle, having a paydayloansusca good reputation, and loving what is good, just, and devout.

I challenge each of us to do our best to project payday represent Jesus Christ as we live out our daily witness. project payday scam As we payday loans no credit check heard in a recent message, we are performers on a live stage. Let us live with an awareness that we are epistles read of all men. What we do and say are being observed by many.

In times of weakness or insufficiency, payday loans online the Bible declares in Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

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